The Gobba Standard Library

This chapter is a work in progress.

Most standard library functions are organized in modules. The main modules are

  • IO: All the impure Input/Output functionality is contained in this module.
  • Char: Common operations on characters.
  • List: Simple and higher-order functions to manipulate lists.
  • Dict: Simple and higher-order operations on dictionaries.
  • String: Common string operations.
  • Math: Common mathematical functionality

Some other basic primitives are defined on the toplevel, those are:

  • show val: Gives you a string representation of any value.
  • typeof val: Gives you the string representation of the type of a value.
  • failwith message: Fail the current computation with an error message

Primitives and printing

The impure primitives IO:print and IO:print_endline automatically call show on a value. The difference between them is that IO:print_endline automatically adds a newline at the end of the line.