Calling gobba from your OCaml programs

You may want to use gobba as an embedded language in your OCaml projects. Just add gobba as a dependency and you can call gobba code from OCaml fairly easily. Keep in mind that gobba is dynamically typed and if you want to do something with the results of gobba evaluation you will have to extract the values with the unpacking functions.

(* This not code written in gobba, this is written in OCaml *)
(* Run a gobba string and retrieve the value and resulting state *)
let x, state = Gobba.Repl.run_string "3.14 * (4.0001)" () in
(* The expression is not altering the state, so let's throw it away *)
let _ = state and extracted_value = Gobba.Typecheck.unpack_float x in
print_float extracted_value