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Visualizing 11 years of contributions to Void Linux in 7 minutes

Published 20 November 2019

Tags: #void, #linux, #video, #git

A few days ago I've stumbled into an excellent package called gource. To test it out I've decided to make an animated video of all the contributions that have been made since 26 September 2008 in the void-packages repository. You can see how it starts to gain traction after ~2013, and how it quickly evolves to look like a living cell. I pop out somewhere around the middle of 2019. Void Linux is an awesome, solid and lightweight indipendent distribution that uses the excellent XBPS package manager. What makes it so awesome, is that it is actively mantained thanks to countless users' contributions. If you'd like to read more about the history of Void Linux you can check out xtraeme's blog.

Thanks to all the Void contributors!