I’m Alessandro Cheli, Computer Science student and programmer.

I’ve worked to some full stack projects using different stacks, but I’ve mostly used Node.JS for REST API back-ends and JAMstack front-ends. I’ve made some arcade games and I tinker a lot with anything UNIX and electronics.

My interests lie within Operating Systems, Logic, Functional Programming and Programming Language Theory. I’m attracted to topics like Lambda Calculus, Category Theory, Bioinformatics Type Theory and Human-Machine Interfaces.

Right now I’m working to a functional programming language called gobba. Sometimes I maintain packages for Void Linux and make music.

You can find the lecture notes I take and mantain (in Italian) on my Github page or in the Student notes @ UniPi Github organization.

If you want to hire me, keep in mind that I may not remember the complexity of that particular sorting algorithm, but I am quite efficient at finding and searching through information and books. Find my code at github.com/0x0f0f0f. You can send me an email any time at sudo-woodo3 AT protonmail DOT com. Send me an email and I’d be happy to send you my CV.

Here are some of my favorite books: